hero image End Of The Year Party

End Of The Year Party


December 15, 2023 16:00


December 15, 2023 22:59



On Friday, 15 December, we invite you to come together as a big Bounce Family. It just goes beyond "just a workplace". You make Bounce what it is and whether you joined two months or two years ago, it wouldn't feel the same without you.

The last month of the year is almost here.. Yes, we noticed this as well, where has been 2023 been.. With one month to go until this year's over, we're excited to share some updates  of our End Of The Year event. On this evening we will be sharing more about our re-newed shopplan. This is because the friends of New Chapter will be leaving the shop at the start of the new year, they will fly out to 5 doors further on the Overtoom.So under the motto better a good neighbor than a distant friend, we keep them close. and the coffee is always ready!

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