hero image Sailing Expedition: Exploring Freedom at Sea

Sailing Expedition: Exploring Freedom at Sea


August 7, 2023 09:00


August 13, 2023 14:00



A week in Waddenzee & islands filled with sailing, workshops, delicious food, community living, learning from Nature. We board the ship at port Enkhuizen, to explore and apply the notion of Freedom – and what it means to YOU – out in the open seas.

An invitation by BounceSpace & Piratas do Amor:

What is freedom? And what does it mean to you?

As humans, our search for freedom is one of the biggest quests since the beginning of time. More than finding answers, we believe there is a need to feel and experience the meaning of this “big” word. For us, there is no better place for that than the sea: the only place on Earth where humans can not build walls (ok, except from The Netherlands!). 
sail and sun

Welcome aboard!

Embark on an unique experience aboard the traditional sailing ship “De Chateauroux” to collectively explore and practice the notion of freedom.More than a classic sailing holiday, this is a one week voyage filled with activities to immerse yourself in nature, open air workshops to get inspired, organic food to feel nurtured and of course, lots of sailing.
sail up

Co-created programme

We will all embark in the beautiful port of Enkhuizen and for one whole week set sail together to discover the wild scenery of the Waddenzee Islands. There is no fixed programme. Each day will be co-created by everyone aboard. Through morning rituals, open space sessions and facilitated workshops, we will provide a fun and safe container where you can share your talents, get inspired and connect with yourself, fellow pirates and mother Nature.If the weather conditions permit, activities include dryfalling ['parking' De Chateauroux directly on the beach] , hiking, beach cleanups, dancing under the moonlight, harvesting wild seafood and telling the “Tales of Freedom” around the bonfire. 
jumping into the sea

Pirate Culture

Far away from social norms and the distractions of modern life, being on a ship is an invitation to create our own rules and culture. Aboard De Chateauroux we practice - what we call-  a “Pirate Culture”. This includes:Participation: we don't receive guests – everyone is invited to give a hand in maneuvering the ship, preparing a tasty meal or cleaning.Self-expression: we are not here to entertain you - everyone is invited to become part of the programme and share their unique gifts with playfulness, creativity and art.Self responsibility: nobody is a victim - for our community to strive on water (and on land), we foster honest communication, radical transparency and consent. Presence: There will be ​​a dedicated area with reliable WiFi for the ones who can't or don't want to take days off work. Otherwise, phones and laptops are welcome only in case of emergencyRegeneration: we only bring what we need, use what does not harm, catch what we can eat and leave a better trace, wherever we go.
meditation on the ship


We offer 15 spots for participants and 2 residencies for artists in the fields of music or video making.We also believe in cost transparency as a way to re-educate us (as society) about how we relate to money. Behind every number there is a story, created by people and time. With this in mind, view our cost transparency spreadsheet and decide how much you can and want to invest for this journey:Accessible Price: €777. If you need some financial supportFair Price: €888+. The fair price to cover the costs for the expedition. You can add more than that contributing an extra amount to the organisers.Professional artists can apply for a residency. They contribute to food expenses (€250) and share their talents.
sailing expedition cost transparency
View cost transparency spreadsheet >
What's included?
  • Accommodation for 7 days / 6 nights, including bedsheets and towels
  • Delicious, nourishing, mostly organic & locally sourced food
  • Homemade soft drinks and a good selection of rum
  • Daily facilitated workshops and activities
What's not included?
  • Alcohol other than rum
  • Transportation to and from Enkhuizen
  • Extra costs in case we step ashore


Chateauroux bouncesail

The ship:

Built in 1908 and in the family since 1986 “De Chateauroux” is a special ship. She is a traditional Dutch clipper, also known as a "flat bottomed ship", perfectly designed to sail through the shallow waters of the Waddenzee. Inside she has 10 cabins with a total of 26 comfortable berths, 3 bathrooms, a big saloon to gather and a spacious galley. With her steel hull, strong masts and a total of 5 sails, she effortlessly glides across the sea with elegance and strength. 


Rikkie dani v2
Rikkie and Dani
Rikkie, our skipper, was born with the ocean saltwater in her veins: her parents met each other through sailing in the same sailing community she is now part of. An experienced skipper, she takes groups on De Chateauroux across the Dutch seas for weeks at a time throughout the entire sailing season from April to October. No sailing day is the same and it is this ultimate unpredictability that inspires Rikkie every day.Dani, first mate and Rikkie’s right hand, was born on the azure coast of Canary Islands inhaling the ocean breeze as his first breath. He has fallen in love with De Chateauroux (and The Netherlands) in early 2022, discovering ship's easy handling, sensitivity and learning she brings up in him. Dani cradles a dream of owning his own ship one day.


team photos laurav2
Laura / BounceSpace 
Born in Kazakhstan, British by passport, Dutch by choice.For more than a decade, I organise events around the world and hold spaces for people to feel seen, safe and – at home. Inexplicable magic happens when people come together: events are the ultimate experience that stimulates all our senses making us appreciate being parts of the whole. And, it is often through connecting with others we validate our own existence.Sailing pulls on other emotional strings: you’re at the mercy of nature, which invites surrender and humility, reminding you of the vast expanse of Universe you’re part of – and inviting Her into the mix.At BounceSpace and De Chateauroux I curate experiences for people to nurture the sense of community & connection – enabling a space where people can belong.
raissa & Chris
Raíssa & Christof / Piratas do Amor
Raíssa is from São Paulo, Brazil, but chose the ocean as her home. She is a facilitator and pirate therapist for more than 10 years, and has guided hundreds of people on journeys of self-creation, love and reconnection to nature.Christof was born in the tiny Principality of Liechtenstein, and as an innovation-activist, he founded Ideenkanal: the leading incubator for social enterprises in the Alps. He has over 15 years of experience as a facilitator, event organizer and consultant.Together they moved to the sea and sailed the coast of Brazil over the last four years. As Piratas do Amor, they curate and host transformative expeditions at sea, to take courageous souls on journeys towards new horizons of life on Earth.

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