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A sweet and gentle energy enters the room. She is the force and the face behind LilXly. Holding a child in her arms and a suitcase filled with art in her hands, she apologizes for her late arrival. We were supposed to meet in the morning, but in all the busyness and with a head full of wonders, this had somehow slipped her mind. We engage in a conversation about her source of inspiration, her fascination for the diversity of the human brain and the concept of perspective and her life as an artist.

Burdened but blessed with a neurodiverse brain, I’m able to view things from a different perspective as the mass. I’m saying blessed because I now see being neurodiverse as a beautiful enrichment to my life and art. I was always told that the way I perceived the world wasn’t reality. Throughout the journey of life, I discovered, that just because there is a majority that sees things in a certain way, it doesn’t mean it can be labeled wrong or right. I have always sought to explore and unravel the deeper layers of how I experience the world and how that correlates to how others perceive the world. Through my work, I want to celebrate that diversity.
What constitutes reality to me is always in motion.
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In my art, I seek to answer the question of what reality is. For me, there is no defined answer to this question, but it has all to do with perspective. What constitutes reality to me is always in motion. The question "How did I view the world as a child?" invariably plays a significant role in this. As a child, I was fascinated by the structures and movements in nature, and still I calm my mind by carefully observing plants and insects in their environment. It’s this act of observing that is still present during the creation of my art.
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My work at BounceSpace consists of a series of art pieces I’ve been working on for over a year. I was able to realize the series by bringing different fields of art together, while the process of creation is built up in different stages. I’ve used both a selection of paintings and work that I created as a kid as new drawings, paintings and collages for the first stage. There is a sense of complete freedom entering the first stage as there is no plan or intention except for the intent to create. Subsequently, I use photography and various elements to create optical illusions. I never know what the final results will be and when I will feel content with them. The entire process I create using my intuition. Most of my work is deliberately untitled, in order to allow the space for free interpretation.
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The creation of my art manifests itself in several forms. There has been a period I was more involved with photography and video. Within my current style of creating, I use various techniques that allow me to showcase the multiple layers of which my work is composed. For me, slowing down in the process and dissecting the different layers reflects the Hindu philosophy of Satcitananda that I'm heavily intrigued by. Satcitananda represents "truth, consciousness, bliss", and it's a philosophy that helps me shape my reality and perspective while it motivates me to keep exploring the different observations of reality. Because these elements are constantly in motion, so is my art.
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